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Chairman and Chief Executive Officer ORAPI GROUP

Since the early 1970s, the ORAPI Group has devoted itself to its 2 unique and complementary trades : professional hygiene and industrial processes.

. Professional hygiene and industrial process products are universal.
For this reason we tasked ourselves with providing users across the globe with the best innovations in hygiene and industrial process products in terms of effectiveness and safety, answering an infinite variety of needs and protocols worldwide.

. Professional hygiene and industrial process products are a science.
In addition, since its founding, the Group has pushed the boundaries of knowledge. Its unique research allows it to constantly explore new territories and to invent tomorrow’s products by adapting to hygiene and maintenance protocols throughout the world.

. Professional hygiene and industrial process products are a commitment.
Making access to products easier, by mobilising our capacity for innovation to protect the environment and the planet, allows us to support community development.

We share strong values enabling us to move towards an ever more beautiful and efficient future.

.Respect is our philosophy. It must drive each of us to appreciate the value in others and to consider all of the Group’s internal and external participants: employees, suppliers, consumers, distributors, competitors, etc.

. Audacity blends creativity and a committed stance with determination, building innovation and success. For us, being audacious means believing in human beings and their overflowing imaginations. It is revealing new opportunities where we were not expecting them. It is constantly reinventing ourselves. It is pushing the boundaries of science. And it is daring to surprise and get started.

.Performance. The ORAPI Group is composed of passionate men and women who are driven by the desire to be the best in their respective markets and are committed to a dynamic of continuous development. They all share high standards for quality, a dedication to excellence, an appetite for efficiency and a desire to succeed.

. Durability .Our brands are committed to durability. We have put unique expertise to work to create benchmark products. We take a responsible, well-thought-out approach to sustainable development. We always strive to anticipate the long-term impacts of our decisions, to think green in terms of products and packaging and to take a corporate citizenship approach.

By relying on team diversity as well as on the wealth and complementary nature of our brand portfolio, the ORAPI Group has decided its project for the next few years is to make professional hygiene and maintenance universal.


Managing Director ORAPI GROUP